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Preventive Dentist

Dental Cleaning

Plaque removal

Since plaque is a sticky building of bacteria, removing tartar takes away what can be a destructive force to your enamel. If plaque is left untreated it can cause bad breath, cavities, or even tooth loss. Most routine dental cleanings can remove tartar and prevent a myriad of issues that can snowball into more extensive dental work. If you think you have a buildup of plaque, call and schedule an exam and cleaning with Park Hill Dental.

Tartar removal

Plaque leads to tartar buildup. You may hear Dr. Joshua Mijares also refer to tartar as calculus and this type of dental issue is extremely common. Tartar is made of plaque that hardens in the areas near where your teeth meet your gums. It can be colorless or slightly yellow but can also be stained from food and drink like tea or coffee. If left untreated tartar can buildup, thicken, and spread. On top of bad breath, the bacteria present a tarter produced acidic waste that break down the tooth enamel can cause of cavities and gingivitis. As part of Dr. Joshua Mijares’ commitment to providing true contemporary dentistry for all, Andrew uses the latest tools and technology to comfortably and quickly. Don’t let plaque or tartar build up, make an appointment with Park Hill Dental today.

Brushing and Flossing

Dr. Joshua Mijares recommends brushing twice a day and daily flossing as the best method of preventive dentistry. Flossing is an effective method of preventing plaque and tartar buildup, but it may not be able to remove everything. The best way you can participate in your own preventive dentistry is to have regular dental exams and dental cleanings on top of your daily dental care regimen.

Flouride Treatments

Dental fluoride treatments are given to protect against the formation of cavities. Fluoride is found in nature and is safe to use in concentrated flavoured form by dentists. Flouride treatments are standard practice for Pediatric Dentistry, but can be given to adults as well!

Teeth Straightening

Teeth Straightening may be an option if you are looking to perfect your smile. On top of giving you a more confident, powerful, and radiant smile there can also be benefits that are beyond cosmetic. Crowding can make it harder for you to clean areas where teeth rub up against each other and this can affect your tooth and gum health. The solution that Dr. Joshua Mijares recommends for eligible patients is ClearCorrect invisible braces. ClearCorrect is a teeth straightening system where your treatment plan is entirely monitored by a doctor throughout every step of the process. Not everybody is eligible to ClearCorrect. There may be cases that traditional braces may be the solution. Schedule a dental exam to make sure that this will be the right solution for you. The benefits of ClearCorrect over traditional braces are that you don’t have to make any changes to your lifestyle and are nearly invisible. If you play a musical instrument where pressure is placed on your lips like a trumpet or brass instrument you don’t have to change the way you play and put years of learning lessons to waste. You won’t have to worry about changing your diet or risking injury to mouth tissue of you play contact sports like football or basketball.
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