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Opened in 2017, Park Hill Dental is a private, family-owned, minority-owned, women-owned, contemporary dental practice in Shavano Park.


Park Hill Dental’s mission is to provide contemporary Dentistry for all.

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Here at Park Hill Dental our goal is to provide you and your family with an excellent dental care, in a relaxed environment with the latest technology.
DR. GOMES Dentist San Antonio

About Dr. Dianne Galan

Dr. Dianne Galan was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas where she attended St. Luke Catholic School and Clark High School. She received her Bachelor in Biology at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX and returned to San Antonio for her Doctorate of Dental Surgery at UT Health. Dianne is passionate about helping patients achieve their optimal oral health and creating beautiful smiles. In her free time she enjoys spending time at the beach in Padre Island, eating Cuban food with her large family, and raising her two sons. Ella habla español!


DR. GOMES Dentist San Antonio

About Dr. Andrew Gomes

Dr. Andrew Gomes was born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh where he received a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Surgery from Dhaka University. After moving to the United States, he attended New York University College of Dentistry (NYU) and received his Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS). He later completed a one-year Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency at Peninsula Hospital, NY.

Upon completing the program, he started his dental career in Bridgeport CT where he practiced for almost 8 years before opening his own practice in Hamden CT. After 10 successful years of dentistry, he decided to explore and take advantage of the beauty of South Texas and relocated to San Antonio in December 2016.

Dr. Andrew Gomes is passionate about updating his skills and understanding the latest advances in dentistry. His dedication, honesty, and desire of educating patients and interacting with them on a one-on-one basis, gives him an experience far beyond ordinary




Dr. Andrew Gomes has over 20 years of experience as a dentist and is happy to have served thousands of patients. The team at Park Hill Dental feels that you and your family deserve a team that is always there for you. We feel that a smile is the true reflection of your heart. We live by the saying that honesty is the best policy. Dr. Andrew Gomes will make sure that you know every single option that you have for your personal dental treatment plan. We love questions and encourage you to ask all you want because you need to know exactly what will be done on you visit to our dental office. It is said that “a stitch in time saves nine.” Dr. Andrew Gomes and the team of Park Hill Dental feels that it is our duty to improve your oral health which is essential to your overall health. No matter how big or small your needs, there is a team in caregivers in Shavano Park who believes in the power of the smile and will do whatever it takes to make dental care a concern of yours no more.  We have the will and they will find a way to give you a better smile today. Schedule an appointment and see the difference.

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Does poor oral health impact brain function?

Does poor oral health impact brain function?

Ever since childhood, people are taught, or should be taught, to practice proper oral health. Most people at least brush twice a day, even though most dentists recommend doing it more often, especially after each meal. But does it go deeper? Can it impact more than...

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