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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment is the removal of the nerve connected to the tooth. Only a dental exam can determine if you need a root canal.  The cause of a root canal can that there is an infection that is causing symptoms that may lead to Dr. Joshua Mijares to explore the option of a root canal treatment.  A root canal treatment can be considered emergency dentistry since the patient may be experiencing varying types of discomfort along with pain . If you have ever heard the old term of a “hot tooth”, this would be a phrase that Dr. Joshua Mijares would consider as part of your exam to assess what kind of treatment would be best.  The cause of the infection can be the presence of a cavity that has made its way down to the nerve of the individual nerve of a tooth. This is why preventive dentistry is so critical because it can mitigate the risk of needing root canal treatment. Though each case may vary, normally a root canal treatment consists of removing the nerve and filling the void with a dental filling.  Since the nerve is removed following the procedure there cannot be any pain or sensitivity in the tooth after the treatment. You will however be able to sense bite pressure. Often can be treated in one visit.

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